My wife and I have loved cruising.

It wasn’t always that way, I had never been on a cruise of more than two hours in my life at all, if you can call a local ferry a cruise that is. We went on our first cruise for 35 days in 2013 around the pacific and Hawaii, I could never handle traveling even in small boats, the instability did not set well with my stomach.

Before the cruise I decided to change my attitude to how I felt about cruising so I changed my whole beliefs about cruising. By the time of the cruise I walked on the ship feeling really great and looking forward to the weeks ahead. The first 5 days were on the ship before we got to our first stop and the weather was fine and calm great for me to get used to the ship. The whole cruise worked out to be amazing. We have had three cruises since then but we are finding it a bit harder to finance the next one we want to do which at this time of COVID19 may be a while off, Hence one of my big wants for the future encouraging me to make the effort to build my own income online.

There are lots of things in our lives that will act as great encouragement to drive us to do more but my family and Cruising have been  the main two but we don’t have to look far back in time to remind us of the things gone bye that we could have gone ahead with if finances had not been a problem. House improvements, A more reliable car than the one we had obtained for the amount we could afford at the time.

Build a business of your own.

At this time we don’t have a home of our own and we are House sitters which we have been doing for the last 5 years and 60 sits behind us.  the 7 months from March to September we have had no sits, no one travelling but we are starting to get some coming in now.

COVID 19.      What a change in this world at this time, So unexpected!   Cruising has taken a extreme step backwards at this time along with a tumultuous world fighting back from this virus. We still have to look forward to where we are heading and where we want ourselves to end up. We still have our dreams and some of our goals may have changed but the important thing is the direction you want to head in.    We still love cruising and in a couple of years we will I hope go cruising again.

What are your ambitions?

What are the things that will drive you to take the next step forward, to accomplish something that could get you the success, That success that you may have been desperately seeking through many hard times, some things that would have been out of your financial reach in the past.

Now is the time to step out and make a decision that will make all these things you have only dreamed about in the past come to life. With Wealthy Affiliate you have everything you need to make things happen for you and your future right at your fingertips,