Growing through life.

 The directions we decide to take through our lives.

We make multitudes of decisions through our lives with the aim to succeed at our accomplishments and make something significant of our lives. The majority of these goals relate to income and  financial stability  and we hope to be able to attain this as early as we can in life.

The problem that most people have is that they do not carry through on their goals and make a lot of negative choices  that inevitably  keep them below their financial comfort zone,  if this happens at a regular basis they can end up in a situation where they can’t keep up with their debts.

The choices we make every day create a continually moving  platform or path that we navigate every momentary  movement of our daily lives.  You can imagine this path can’t you? .  The  path goes up and down sometimes extremely fast like a roller coaster,  it moves to the whim of the multitudes of decisions you make at any given moment.

What is the direction you want to take at this point of your life?. Do you believe that staying on the path that you are on or have been on in the past will help you establish the income you are seeking? An Income that will  help you keep ahead of your debts, allow you take  your family on an overseas trip or buy the home your family deserves.

I am shore there are many things that are on your list that fit into this I wish I had category.  I don’t have to remind myself of all the times I have said these words even under my breath and other times where I have had only a half hearted attempt at making those big changes needed.

One step-Two steps-Three steps.

One step after the other.

If you decide to walk a thousand miles, &  you want to do it in a certain time frame, you have to set yourself a goal to rise early every day, start your days walk knowing that even if it hurts at times along the way you have to continue putting one foot in front of the other until you get to the finish line each day,  knowing that you have to do the same again day after day until the thousand mile distance is completed.

If you want to succeed in anything in your life, It is important that you are in the same frame of mind.      The finish line is set & it is up to you to get there, you set a goal & as you travel along that rugged trail you have to continue making decisions about how to navigate the different obstacles as they appear before you, Some you may have some notice & others may appear like a crevasse & it will be up to you to make some quick  changes to allow you to navigate around them.

The destination should be so important to you that no obstacles should prevent you from the benefits of getting there.  Preparation can be one of the best preventatives to the challenges ahead, studying the trails that have been traversed by others before you.


My debts are crushing me.

My debts are crushing me!.

Do you get the feeling that you have heard this statement before,  I have not only heard it but experienced it first hand at a few stages of my life.  If this is something that has been pulling you down lately, then you are not alone. You hear of bank foreclosures all the time but they would be more prominent when interest rates rise. People are more likely to afford to buy a house when the interest rates are low.  They buy because at those low rates because at this stage they can afford to handle the payments, but in some cases some people don’t plan for  what might happen if rates rise considerably.   If that happens fairly quickly in the first few years of the loan they can find themselves in a situation where they are not even covering the interest and the bank might come calling.

The income you provide for your family can determine where you live, The school your children attend, The clothes they ware, Weather you take family holidays or not.  The gifts they may share with each other,  at Christmas, Birthday’s and other special; times, , The Car the family drives, The medical attention or dental treatment that the family may need, most likely on the spur of the moment.

There are so many things that can restrict a families lifestyle,A father buys a cheap baby seat for his child in the car but can’t afford one that is safety approved because he can’t afford it. He skimps on car repairs or scheduled servicing, even Tyre replacement which puts the family at risk.

Where do we stop!

Don’t ever think that you are always restricted to a certain amount of income for a set amount of time.

I know!  You are working for a boss and he sets the rules, and the pay.

don’t ever say! You don’t deserve to be at the higher steps of life.

You are now at the height level of your own making.

If you are financially strapped then, You are the one who can change it, You don’t just sit back and watch the next few months go bye  and keep saying to yourself, It’s Happening! I’m going to go broke!.

Set some goals,  get Motivated,   Change your financial situation,  You can do it!

Start right now!.

Here’s your Motivation!

Making Online marketing Happen.

Make it happen.

Marketing online  is a means of making an income that is out of the thoughts and minds of most people who are in the general routine of working for an hours pay, as in a physical hours work for that set hours pay.

Just think of the difference it would make to someone who loves working on  their physical job and who also have a WA business on the side,  relieving them of the tension and struggle of maintain their financial situation, paying for their children’s schooling or keeping the car maintained or buying the car you want not the car you have to fall back to.

Build your income

Whatever your situation, it’s in your hands.

Now is the time to make a change in your financial situation.

Bite the bullet now!    Don’t wait till your about to lose your house or car or the debt collectors are buzzing around outside your gorse door.

If you have your car repossessed, It doesn’t matter if you have ten thousand still to pay on it, When they take possession it can be sold to recuperate money owing and they might sell the car for whatever the highest bid is which might be three grand.  If that happens, that will leave you with a seven thousand bill still owing to your lender, and you no longer have a car.

There are very few  people out there who can afford to let something like this happen, this kind of loss can have devastating affects  on a whole family and create long lasting rippling affects that can reverberate through my financial and emotional lives of those involved.

Our biggest financial burdens

Burdens of our lifetime.

Our biggest financial burden in most of our lives is our home. It is the most important because we all want a roof over our heads and if we can pay it off within a reasonable amount of time it will be a great investment.   Not everyone is in a financial position to put money away for other purposes.

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The world we live in.

Our amazing world.

To view this world we see some very amazing aspects of it’s surface from the heights of space, sights that would not be contemplated just by looking across it’s surface from a standing humans perspective.

In the state of Utah in the USA there are south west of Moab there are what they call  Potash Ponds, these ponds cover a number of square kilometers and looking at them from an areal view or from space they are totally out of contrast to the surroundings.


The Utah area is a rugged harsh rocky inhospitable landscape made up of light to rich reddish browns and a mixture of these depths of color. Then you see these potash ponds which are a mixture of light to rich blue colors in the middle of this giant reddish brown landscape which one can only appreciate it’s  Beauty from a distance .

We appreciate the vast differences in contrast to the outlying country side. This is only a mustard seed in size compared to the different aspects of view when you are focusing on any minute portion of the worlds surface.

We would never have been able to get this type of view of our world without the ingenuity of flight and learning from the ones who have gone the distance and experimented in getting a manned object off the ground in the first place.

This same thought also applies to Wealthy Affiliate , we learn from the ones who have gone the distance and created machines and ways to make it easier to communicate with each other and run businesses all around the world and from almost anywhere in this world and far far beyond.

We have training modules and courses that we can study that have been created by those who have worked many many hours putting them together minus all the initial obstacles they had to work through and discard during the building phase of the business.

Now that expertise is now showing itself in the training and courses we now have to follow. You can now see the contrast between the view of Wealthy Affiliate and it’s learning programs compared to an opportunity to build a business build a business with no training platforms or backup and support and you are told to just go out there and do your best.

Forward is the best option.

One step forward is better than two steps back.

What is most important when we want to succeed in our chosen career, It is to continue moving forward towards our goals.

If we’re continually moving away from what we really want in life then the destination will get further and further away which means that it will take much longer to get to the finish line and success.

Many times we have most likely had to buy a cheap second hand car  when we would have really wanted to be in a position to buy a new one.  The reality of the situation is that no matter how much we dream about wanting a new car, I is not going to materialize without the income that will attain it.

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We have the power to change these situations, to make the decisions that matter.  We dream of opportunities and palm them off when they don’t succeed, believing that it is just another failure.  They may happen to us regularly  so failing doesn’t Hurt so much because it is part of our routine trail of acceptance.

Success is what we seek

What are your reasons for wanting a better life?

We all have lots of reasons for wanting a better life,

In most cases those reasons are not brought out to the foreground as a support to boost our motivation and encourage us to make big moves that could  change one’s life.

We all want to improve things as we move along in life, Like constant change, we build something and some processes work and others fail, then we look back at what might have caused the problems and we start to improve on them for the next time.

The same applies with our income and assets, We start our working life wanting to make enough to pay our rent and cover our regular weekly supplies and a few miner extras.  If our first income is only part time or a very low paid full time job then some might find it difficult to put sufficient money away to save for their first car to drive themselves to work.

They are most likely only going to buy a second hand car fairly cheap if it’s really needed to save transport costs or walking distances.  Others may be able to hold off from splashing out on big items until they have saved enough to buy the item that they have had on their dream list and have a set time to save for it.

Through our lives we would like to be able to improve on our income and savings each year and even diversify by making incomes from a number of different sources.

Build a business of your own.

To buy a home in the majority of cases will mean taking out a home loan which can be one of our most expensive investments and hopefully we have at that stage the income to support it.

Financial freedom means the ability to finance anything you require to maintain a stable life or family life and increase savings for anything that may come up along the way.

What are your reasons?

We have to grease the cogs of life.

Maintaining the flow.

If you are a farmer you have to buy machinery to be able to plow the paddocks, Plant the fields and harvest the crops,  and a lot of other implements associated to the running of the property. None of these machines will constantly run forever without maintenance on a regular basis.

The company that made the harvester or tractor and so on will be relying on you to make shore that all maintenance is carried out at the right times otherwise the machine will not be worth the thousands of dollars that you paid for it.

We as humans need food just as a tractor needs fuel, neither will get far in time without it.  A house will eventually fall down if it is not maintained in some way, wind, water and the weather will eventually find a way to bring the uninhabited down.

When building a business there are lots of things you have to do to keep your business up to date as Time is change and the world does not stop turning and you have to always expect competition.   Competition drives us to improve what we have already created, to always improve the next step.

If you are building an online business or website you will be constantly finding ways to improve your output by always finding different ways to attract customers to your site. Advertising of all kinds has to be maintained to attract the consumers senses.