What am I going to do?, I’m broke!.

Fighting that inevitable dreaded “always in debt” clause that comes in your presently set monthly salary.

Why wait till you are down and out and trying to scrape the dregs from the bottom of the barrel or raiding the spare coin jar to get enough to pay for some food for the family for dinner or to put some fuel in the car to get you somewhere special, I can actually remember a day when this happened to me and how I felt about it at the time. Saying to myself, Why am I not doing better financially than I am.  why can’t I improve my circumstances? I should not have put myself in this situation.

Earn an income in your time.
Take the next step to financial freedom.

What is the answer to this question? We think about all those young people starting their first job with very low pay for only a few fill in hours per week, while in their last years of high school, trying to save as much as they can to maintain a certain amount of independence. Wealthy-Affiliate-Review-Chaz They should be given more opportunities to establish incomes or test their abilities to create their own while in these last few years of school. Teach them to diversify and create income streams from a number of different  platforms at the same time.

Leaving school and finding work has always been a difficult time for most and having a realistic income at that stage would completely change young lives and help to remove those burdens that are created by not having your own financial support system. If you teach a student over a few years ten different ways to successfully make an income for themselves, you can imagine how much more this would improve the opportunities of those in transition from school to life.

Forward is the best option.

One step forward is better than two steps back.

What is most important when we want to succeed in our chosen career, It is to continue moving forward towards our goals.

If we’re continually moving away from what we really want in life then the destination will get further and further away which means that it will take much longer to get to the finish line and success.

Many times we have most likely had to buy a cheap second hand car  when we would have really wanted to be in a position to buy a new one.  The reality of the situation is that no matter how much we dream about wanting a new car, I is not going to materialize without the income that will attain it.

Chaz-Wealthy-Affiliate-Review ‎

We have the power to change these situations, to make the decisions that matter.  We dream of opportunities and palm them off when they don’t succeed, believing that it is just another failure.  They may happen to us regularly  so failing doesn’t Hurt so much because it is part of our routine trail of acceptance.

Success is what we seek

We have to grease the cogs of life.

Maintaining the flow.

If you are a farmer you have to buy machinery to be able to plow the paddocks, Plant the fields and harvest the crops,  and a lot of other implements associated to the running of the property. None of these machines will constantly run forever without maintenance on a regular basis.

The company that made the harvester or tractor and so on will be relying on you to make shore that all maintenance is carried out at the right times otherwise the machine will not be worth the thousands of dollars that you paid for it.

We as humans need food just as a tractor needs fuel, neither will get far in time without it.  A house will eventually fall down if it is not maintained in some way, wind, water and the weather will eventually find a way to bring the uninhabited down.

When building a business there are lots of things you have to do to keep your business up to date as Time is change and the world does not stop turning and you have to always expect competition.   Competition drives us to improve what we have already created, to always improve the next step.

If you are building an online business or website you will be constantly finding ways to improve your output by always finding different ways to attract customers to your site. Advertising of all kinds has to be maintained to attract the consumers senses.

The world is at your fingertips.

Now is the time to make a change in your financial situation.

Bite the bullet now!    Don’t wait till your about to lose your house or car or the debt collectors are buzzing around outside your gorse door.

Earn an income in your time.
Take the next step to financial freedom.

If you have your car repossessed, it doesn’t matter if you have ten thousand dollars still to pay on it,  When they take possession it can be sold to recuperate money owing and they might sell the car for whatever the highest bid is which might be four grand, and if that happens, that will leave you with a six thousand dollar bill still owing to your lender,

That means that if the value that you have already put into the car was six thousand dollars, then you lose the lot, all the money you have already spent on the car including interest and you no longer have the car.  and low and behold you still have to pay off

Make a decision.

Don’t let the rot set in.

Don’t drop back into those negative thoughts.

I know how easy it is to backtrack in life, To find something great, a financial opportunity that could change things for the whole family.  Then my negative thoughts start to infest my mind and I would end up saying to myself under my breath that I am not worthy of something better than I have already, I am what they said I was.

Build a business of your own.

I would hear those hurtful words from so called friends from the past niggling at my mind, from those who would celebrate each misplaced step I took and each fall to the dreary depths where I lay, and they would prod continually at the obstacle on the ground in front of them.  This was the past and we can no longer let the negative influences take over the enthusiasm and motivation that is driving us forward to the goal we have set for ourselves and our families.

Create your new life.

Don’t give in to the old ways.

Most people make difficult choices every day.

Changing ones financial future can be a hard and difficult choice to make for some people, if you want to make big changes in your life, it can come with some confrontation which some people would find extremely hard to cope with.

They may even have a hard time trying to break free of their low paying job that they have been doing for the last ten to fifteen years, because they find it difficult to confront the company they had been working for due to low self esteem or a demanding or overpowering boss.

Build a business of your own.

WA is an online opportunity that anyone could start in only a minimum amount of time each day. Every hour you put in is another hour spent learning and building a business of your own and each day is a day closer to success.

Incomes you never have to work long hours for.

The Right Opportunity Is Here.

What is the right choice, Is that opportunity you have been given one that can make a real difference in your life or for your family. Are you going to be one of the many who let that great opportunity go bye because you are not prepared to take the step out of the rut that you may be keeping yourself in because it is comfortable, and you know that comfortable, inside out. It’s called: “Satisfied where you are”.

Make it work for you.

Just imagine a few years from now, you are enjoying a swim in a luxury pool at a luxury home overlooking the ocean, You can see  the stunning view right from the pools edge. You are looking around scanning your surroundings, taking in the beauty of the home that you are presently enjoying the benefits of and you smile knowing that this home is yours.

     You started a WA business a few years before which you had built into a million dollar a year network and it has paid off for your family in massive ways.  It has given you the ability to travel the world and enjoy different cultures and as a family cruise the worlds oceans and trek the worlds great sites.

Your biggest dreams are here for creating.

You have to start from somewhere.

To start anew.

A new start in life, Some say that it is not as easy as it looks. We make new choices every day of our lives and most of these choices you rely on your boss who we work for to make, and what he says, we do. That’s easy!.

The trouble is that he sets the rules and we say “Yes Boss”.  If you don’t agree with him you will most likely be fired from your job and then, where are you?  Out trying to find another job which leaves you in a position of having to take work that you probably told yourself in the past that you would never ever do , But you have been put in a situation and you have to pay a mortgage and a family to feed your starting to get behind.  You have been put in a spot and you have no choice.

Build a business of your own.

We all want a decent income that will keep our family comfortable in life,  So why don’t you make a change in your life right now.

I know you are sick and tired of the long hours working in a job that you hate, and maybe you have been putting work before family and it’s costing you dearly.  I know, I have been put in that position, working at a job that was dragging me down mentally as well as physically and the inevitable happened where my health took a dive.

It is amazing how making one important change in life can make so much difference to every other part of your life.   Income, Family, emotional health and happiness and freedom to make your own choices.

With Wealthy Affiliate your choices are immeasurable, You have everything at your fingertips, you can ask questions at any time 24/7, You can work on your training and study of WA at anytime also.  As they say don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Feed your inspiration.