Give praise to the one who has made the effort.

Effort deserves Praise!

Do you want to be heaped with praises when you know that you have succeeded in your accomplishments?                                                           Do you want to feel the joy of succeeding at accomplishing what you set out to do? knowing that you have struggled many times along to way to achieving that goal and you continued without back sliding or feeling that it was impossible to continue.

You made the effort to keep taking the next step, and the next, till you reached your goal. Your goal could be anything, It might be taking a long sought holiday with your family, Buying a new car, Paying off your debts, these are only a speck of the goals that people have as their goals in life.


Are you one of the few people who really want to succeed at reaching you goals, or are you one of the many who when they get to the first minor obstacle and say “I can’t go on, I can’t get over the barrier”.

Do you realize that at the finish line. the one who reaches the goal will be the one who gets all the accolades, The well done’s, You made it!  Congratulations, Some will probably say, You have really surprised us, we didn’t expect you to make it, but  you are the one who wants the goal.

There is a saying I heard a long time back and it goes something like this:  The roads to success are littered with the remnants of the many who’s goals were never realized and had fallen to dust by the wayside.

When you set a goal, you may say to yourself, This is important, this needs to happen. or you may say, What if it doesn’t work? What will I do then?  Negative thinking.



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