The world we live in.

Our amazing world.

To view this world we see some very amazing aspects of it’s surface from the heights of space, sights that would not be contemplated just by looking across it’s surface from a standing humans perspective.

In the state of Utah in the USA there are south west of Moab there are what they call  Potash Ponds, these ponds cover a number of square kilometers and looking at them from an areal view or from space they are totally out of contrast to the surroundings.


The Utah area is a rugged harsh rocky inhospitable landscape made up of light to rich reddish browns and a mixture of these depths of color. Then you see these potash ponds which are a mixture of light to rich blue colors in the middle of this giant reddish brown landscape which one can only appreciate it’s  Beauty from a distance .

We appreciate the vast differences in contrast to the outlying country side. This is only a mustard seed in size compared to the different aspects of view when you are focusing on any minute portion of the worlds surface.

We would never have been able to get this type of view of our world without the ingenuity of flight and learning from the ones who have gone the distance and experimented in getting a manned object off the ground in the first place.

This same thought also applies to Wealthy Affiliate , we learn from the ones who have gone the distance and created machines and ways to make it easier to communicate with each other and run businesses all around the world and from almost anywhere in this world and far far beyond.

We have training modules and courses that we can study that have been created by those who have worked many many hours putting them together minus all the initial obstacles they had to work through and discard during the building phase of the business.

Now that expertise is now showing itself in the training and courses we now have to follow. You can now see the contrast between the view of Wealthy Affiliate and it’s learning programs compared to an opportunity to build a business build a business with no training platforms or backup and support and you are told to just go out there and do your best.

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