Where’s the money connection?

Is it in your pocket or somebody else’s?  https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:SqueezeSponge.jpg#/media/File:SqueezeSponge.jpg

We should never have to work your days away trying to get ahead financially in life.

We should never have to work so many hours a day that that it affects your family life and your sleep habits.

We should never have to bow to someone who thinks that you are only The Help and you are expected to take the least amount of money for your work.

The majority of people when they wake up each morning, The first thing that they may think about when they wake is, Where am I going to find the money to buy the groceries or Fuel for the car today or pay for my child’s school excursion or the home loan this month. People have to fight these things every day.

Check this out.

If we spend most of our time chronically worrying about where the money to keep your family afloat is going to come from or whether you will still have your job in two weeks from now. these type of thoughts can really tie you up inside and make your life very uncomfortable and even cause friction with family.


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