What are your reasons for wanting a better life?

We all have lots of reasons for wanting a better life,

In most cases those reasons are not brought out to the foreground to boost our motivation and encourage us to make the right moves to change one’s life.

We all want to improve things as we move along in life, Like constant change, we build  on our dreams  and some processes work and others fail.

We then look back at what might have caused the problems and we start to improve on them for the next time.

The same applies with our  income and assets, We start our working life wanting enough to pay our rent and weekly supplies and a few miner extras.

If our first income is only part time or low paid full time job then some might find it difficult to put sufficient money away to save for the things they really need.

They are most likely going to buy a second hand car fairly cheap if it’s really needed to save transport costs or walking distances.

We  may be able to hold off from splashing out on big items until they have saved enough to buy the item that they have had on their dream list and have a set time to save for it.

Through our lives we would like to be able to improve on our income and savings each year and even diversify by making incomes from a number of different sources.

Build a business of your own.

Buying a home in the majority of cases will mean taking out a home loan which can be one of our most expensive investments, hopefully we have at that stage the income to support it.

Financial freedom means the ability to finance anything you require to maintain a stable  family life and increase savings for anything that may come up along the way.

What are your reasons?