My wife and I have loved cruising.

It wasn’t always that way, I had never been on a cruise of more than two hours in my life at all, if you can call a local ferry a cruise that is. We went on our first cruise for 35 days in 2013 around the pacific and Hawaii, I could never handle traveling even in small boats, the instability did not set well with my stomach.

Before the cruise I decided to change my attitude to how I felt about cruising so I changed my whole beliefs about cruising. By the time of the cruise I walked on the ship feeling really great and looking forward to the weeks ahead. The first 5 days were on the ship before we got to our first stop and the weather was fine and calm great for me to get used to the ship. The whole cruise worked out to be amazing. We have had three cruises since then but we are finding it a bit harder to finance the next one we want to do which at this time of COVID19 may be a while off, Hence one of my big wants for the future encouraging me to make the effort to build my own income online.

There are lots of things in our lives that will act as great encouragement to drive us to do more but my family and Cruising have been  the main two but we don’t have to look far back in time to remind us of the things gone bye that we could have gone ahead with if finances had not been a problem. House improvements, A more reliable car than the one we had obtained for the amount we could afford at the time.

Build a business of your own.

At this time we don’t have a home of our own and we are House sitters which we have been doing for the last 5 years and 60 sits behind us.  the 7 months from March to September we have had no sits, no one travelling but we are starting to get some coming in now.

COVID 19.      What a change in this world at this time, So unexpected!   Cruising has taken a extreme step backwards at this time along with a tumultuous world fighting back from this virus. We still have to look forward to where we are heading and where we want ourselves to end up. We still have our dreams and some of our goals may have changed but the important thing is the direction you want to head in.    We still love cruising and in a couple of years we will I hope go cruising again.

What are your ambitions?

What are the things that will drive you to take the next step forward, to accomplish something that could get you the success, That success that you may have been desperately seeking through many hard times, some things that would have been out of your financial reach in the past.

Now is the time to step out and make a decision that will make all these things you have only dreamed about in the past come to life. With Wealthy Affiliate you have everything you need to make things happen for you and your future right at your fingertips,

Whatever your situation, it’s in your hands.

Now is the time to make a change in your financial situation.

Bite the bullet now!    Don’t wait till your about to lose your house or car or the debt collectors are buzzing around outside your gorse door.

If you have your car repossessed, It doesn’t matter if you have ten thousand still to pay on it, When they take possession it can be sold to recuperate money owing and they might sell the car for whatever the highest bid is which might be three grand.  If that happens, that will leave you with a seven thousand bill still owing to your lender, and you no longer have a car.

There are very few  people out there who can afford to let something like this happen, this kind of loss can have devastating affects  on a whole family and create long lasting rippling affects that can reverberate through my financial and emotional lives of those involved.

Income verses need.

Income equals Lifestyle.

A continually growing and accessible income is “A” basis for a happy and fulfilling lifestyle. It is not “The” basis for a happy and fulfilling lifestyle. We are all seeking something different in our lives, We don’t want to sit stagnant in one position for long periods because we tend to get board and frustrated if we can’t make even small changes along the way.

Gold miners are always out there looking for the next big find, They are in seeking mode.  They make a mediocre find and that may satisfy them for a while, but that major big  find is still on their lips,  They can taste it, and that drives them on and on.


They will not sit back and wait for it to come to them, they have to go out there and put in the blood, sweat and tears with only the drive of the chance to find some of that elusive gold.

It would be amazing if we had the same drive to massively improve our own income, and that amazing drive continued day and night, knowing that for a long period of time you did not see any tangible benefits of all your hard work.

We tend to want to see something, even just a little to let us know we are on the right track and that we are not putting money into something for nothing. A lot of us tend to want instant gratification for our efforts and tend not to be able to hold out for the big benefits.

We have even heard of gold miners giving up and leaving their plot after years of hard slogging only to find that someone else had come in and has acquired his old plot and found the mother load within hours of starting to dig. How would you feel if you were the one who left this plot?.

No one wants to be the one who decided to quit only to find that those who took over where you left off have made a killing financially with the same plan and strategies that you had when you left.

The world we live in.

Our amazing world.

To view this world we see some very amazing aspects of it’s surface from the heights of space, sights that would not be contemplated just by looking across it’s surface from a standing humans perspective.

In the state of Utah in the USA there are south west of Moab there are what they call  Potash Ponds, these ponds cover a number of square kilometers and looking at them from an areal view or from space they are totally out of contrast to the surroundings.


The Utah area is a rugged harsh rocky inhospitable landscape made up of light to rich reddish browns and a mixture of these depths of color. Then you see these potash ponds which are a mixture of light to rich blue colors in the middle of this giant reddish brown landscape which one can only appreciate it’s  Beauty from a distance .

We appreciate the vast differences in contrast to the outlying country side. This is only a mustard seed in size compared to the different aspects of view when you are focusing on any minute portion of the worlds surface.

We would never have been able to get this type of view of our world without the ingenuity of flight and learning from the ones who have gone the distance and experimented in getting a manned object off the ground in the first place.

This same thought also applies to Wealthy Affiliate , we learn from the ones who have gone the distance and created machines and ways to make it easier to communicate with each other and run businesses all around the world and from almost anywhere in this world and far far beyond.

We have training modules and courses that we can study that have been created by those who have worked many many hours putting them together minus all the initial obstacles they had to work through and discard during the building phase of the business.

Now that expertise is now showing itself in the training and courses we now have to follow. You can now see the contrast between the view of Wealthy Affiliate and it’s learning programs compared to an opportunity to build a business build a business with no training platforms or backup and support and you are told to just go out there and do your best.

Forward is the best option.

One step forward is better than two steps back.

What is most important when we want to succeed in our chosen career, It is to continue moving forward towards our goals.

If we’re continually moving away from what we really want in life then the destination will get further and further away which means that it will take much longer to get to the finish line and success.

Many times we have most likely had to buy a cheap second hand car  when we would have really wanted to be in a position to buy a new one.  The reality of the situation is that no matter how much we dream about wanting a new car, I is not going to materialize without the income that will attain it.

Chaz-Wealthy-Affiliate-Review ‎

We have the power to change these situations, to make the decisions that matter.  We dream of opportunities and palm them off when they don’t succeed, believing that it is just another failure.  They may happen to us regularly  so failing doesn’t Hurt so much because it is part of our routine trail of acceptance.

Success is what we seek

What are your reasons for wanting a better life?

We all have lots of reasons for wanting a better life,

In most cases those reasons are not brought out to the foreground as a support to boost our motivation and encourage us to make big moves that could  change one’s life.

We all want to improve things as we move along in life, Like constant change, we build something and some processes work and others fail, then we look back at what might have caused the problems and we start to improve on them for the next time.

The same applies with our income and assets, We start our working life wanting to make enough to pay our rent and cover our regular weekly supplies and a few miner extras.  If our first income is only part time or a very low paid full time job then some might find it difficult to put sufficient money away to save for their first car to drive themselves to work.

They are most likely only going to buy a second hand car fairly cheap if it’s really needed to save transport costs or walking distances.  Others may be able to hold off from splashing out on big items until they have saved enough to buy the item that they have had on their dream list and have a set time to save for it.

Through our lives we would like to be able to improve on our income and savings each year and even diversify by making incomes from a number of different sources.

Build a business of your own.

To buy a home in the majority of cases will mean taking out a home loan which can be one of our most expensive investments and hopefully we have at that stage the income to support it.

Financial freedom means the ability to finance anything you require to maintain a stable life or family life and increase savings for anything that may come up along the way.

What are your reasons?

Wealthy Affiliate Review, Chaz.

Why I chose Wealthy Affiliates.                                                                ———————-                                                       

 I found Wealthy Affiliate back in July 2016 after looking into ways to build an income online and in my own time.  I have been retired for the last few years on medical grounds but have never been comfortable living on benefits even if it is a pension. I would like to know that I have paid my own way through life.

What am I doing now.                                                                                                              My wife and I are Permanent House Sitters which we have been doing since the beginning of 2016. before then we had been looking into moving closer to our Daughter and her family and rent a house within an hour or two of them, Then we heard about House Sitting from a friend.

We checked it out and decided to do it, Now we are always on the move from place to place looking after pets while the owners are away, Pets are always more content when they are in their own home environment rather than putting in kennels or catteries.

How will Wealthy Affiliate help us?

With Wealthy Affiliate we will be able to work online any time we choose 24/7, It is the ultimate on the move business that we can take with us wherever you go.  As we drive from place to place we will realize that our online business will be constantly there and maintaining our lifestyle.

I have been impressed with how easy it is to follow the lessons and training that are available any time of the day or night. You can be sitting up at eleven PM and don’t feel like going to bed so you can get online and do some study or work, It’s Great!.

Do you realize that you can create a Website in 30 seconds If I have to ask someone a question it’s only a matter of sending a message and it will be answered fairly quickly by someone who may have had the same problems as you have. I Choose a better lifestyle. Cruising has become a passion for my wife and I, My wife had previously had her first cruise in 1978 and I had only started cruising in 2013 for the first time at the age of 62, never been on anything larger than Sydney’s Manly ferry.

If we want to continue cruising a couple of times each year we will have to develop our own income and Wealthy Affiliate is how I want to start doing it.   We can sit back in our lounge chair and watch others succeed and complain about not having all the necessities of life, or we can do the things it takes to make life easier or more enjoyable for the whole family.

Don’t let the rot set in.

Don’t drop back into those negative thoughts.

I know how easy it is to backtrack in life, To find something great, a financial opportunity that could change things for the whole family.  Then my negative thoughts start to infest my mind and I would end up saying to myself under my breath that I am not worthy of something better than I have already, I am what they said I was.

Build a business of your own.

I would hear those hurtful words from so called friends from the past niggling at my mind, from those who would celebrate each misplaced step I took and each fall to the dreary depths where I lay, and they would prod continually at the obstacle on the ground in front of them.  This was the past and we can no longer let the negative influences take over the enthusiasm and motivation that is driving us forward to the goal we have set for ourselves and our families.

Create your new life.

Don’t give in to the old ways.

Most people make difficult choices every day.

Changing ones financial future can be a hard and difficult choice to make for some people, if you want to make big changes in your life, it can come with some confrontation which some people would find extremely hard to cope with.

They may even have a hard time trying to break free of their low paying job that they have been doing for the last ten to fifteen years, because they find it difficult to confront the company they had been working for due to low self esteem or a demanding or overpowering boss.

Build a business of your own.

WA is an online opportunity that anyone could start in only a minimum amount of time each day. Every hour you put in is another hour spent learning and building a business of your own and each day is a day closer to success.

Incomes you never have to work long hours for.

The Right Opportunity Is Here.

What is the right choice, Is that opportunity you have been given one that can make a real difference in your life or for your family. Are you going to be one of the many who let that great opportunity go bye because you are not prepared to take the step out of the rut that you may be keeping yourself in because it is comfortable, and you know that comfortable, inside out. It’s called: “Satisfied where you are”.

Make it work for you.

Just imagine a few years from now, you are enjoying a swim in a luxury pool at a luxury home overlooking the ocean, You can see  the stunning view right from the pools edge. You are looking around scanning your surroundings, taking in the beauty of the home that you are presently enjoying the benefits of and you smile knowing that this home is yours.

     You started a WA business a few years before which you had built into a million dollar a year network and it has paid off for your family in massive ways.  It has given you the ability to travel the world and enjoy different cultures and as a family cruise the worlds oceans and trek the worlds great sites.

Your biggest dreams are here for creating.