Making Online marketing Happen.

Make it work for you.

Marketing online  is a means of making an income that is out of the minds of most people. Those who are in the general routine of  working for an hours pay.   With the  time frame of  a physical hours work for that set hours pay.

One thinks of the difference it would make to someone who loves working on  their physical job and who also have a WA business on the side.
Relieving them of the tension and struggle of maintaining  their financial situation.

Have the  ability  to pay for their children’s schooling,  keeping the car maintained or buying the car you want, not the car you have to financially fall back on.

Build your income

Making an income should not be difficult.
Income freedom.
Great Opportunities.

You think that your financial situation will change for the good without actually seeking out the great opportunities that are available out there.

Staying in that low paying job with a boss who doesn’t care a dam about you and your personal or family situation.

They just want you to get to work on time, do your job and be at his beck and call   and joyfully pay you less than what your worth.
He would not hesitate to throw you on the scrap heap if you turn down work.

I know what I am talking about.

I spent sixteen years working as a taxi driver doing mostly night shifts.
knowing what it’s like to lose your job for putting a child’s school performance before a shift,

 Taking a week  off to travel to see a family member on his death bed and finding myself out of a job when I returned.

While talking to another driver about how I wanted to find another job within three months.  Another driver heard what I said and told my boss.  

I was not prepared to commit to another twelve months so  I was sacked.

Not in control.

You may think that you have a good friendship with your boss but when it comes to the crunch their business is more important than your friendship.

One time after losing taxi work I got a job with television network company going door to door selling their satellite plans.
My daughter had a school presentation this one evening.

I was with a another man who had been with the company for about two years and had more experience.

Potential customer

We were talking to the house holder about the products, she was very interested but I was running out of time and had to leave.

I was hoping that the other fellow would continue  with the sale. My leaving  gave the lady the opportunity to take an out and we lost the sale opportunity.

The next day at the office I became like someone who had pulled the plug out of the water supply in a drought.

It was like I made the biggest mistake of my life.  I decided then that it was not for me.

The mistakes we make.

One of the biggest mistakes one  can make in life is staying in the comfort zone rather than stepping off in a different direction.
Taking a chance on ones self.
That they can do what they need to do to make that change. I know that this is is something that happens to people every day. 

Moving forward, Each step makes a difference.