Wealthy Affiliate Review, Chaz.

Why I chose Wealthy Affiliates.                                                                ———————-                                                       

 I found Wealthy Affiliate back in July 2016 after looking into ways to build an income online and in my own time.  I have been retired for the last few years on medical grounds but have never been comfortable living on benefits even if it is a pension. I would like to know that I have paid my own way through life.

What am I doing now.                                                                                                              My wife and I are Permanent House Sitters which we have been doing since the beginning of 2016. before then we had been looking into moving closer to our Daughter and her family and rent a house within an hour or two of them, Then we heard about House Sitting from a friend.

We checked it out and decided to do it, Now we are always on the move from place to place looking after pets while the owners are away, Pets are always more content when they are in their own home environment rather than putting in kennels or catteries.

How will Wealthy Affiliate help us?

With Wealthy Affiliate we will be able to work online any time we choose 24/7, It is the ultimate on the move business that we can take with us wherever you go.  As we drive from place to place we will realize that our online business will be constantly there and maintaining our lifestyle.

I have been impressed with how easy it is to follow the lessons and training that are available any time of the day or night. You can be sitting up at eleven PM and don’t feel like going to bed so you can get online and do some study or work, It’s Great!.

Do you realize that you can create a Website in 30 seconds If I have to ask someone a question it’s only a matter of sending a message and it will be answered fairly quickly by someone who may have had the same problems as you have. I Choose a better lifestyle. Cruising has become a passion for my wife and I, My wife had previously had her first cruise in 1978 and I had only started cruising in 2013 for the first time at the age of 62, never been on anything larger than Sydney’s Manly ferry.

If we want to continue cruising a couple of times each year we will have to develop our own income and Wealthy Affiliate is how I want to start doing it.   We can sit back in our lounge chair and watch others succeed and complain about not having all the necessities of life, or we can do the things it takes to make life easier or more enjoyable for the whole family.

Don’t let the rot set in.

Don’t drop back into those negative thoughts.

I know how easy it is to backtrack in life, To find something great, a financial opportunity that could change things for the whole family.  Then my negative thoughts start to infest my mind and I would end up saying to myself under my breath that I am not worthy of something better than I have already, I am what they said I was.

Build a business of your own.

I would hear those hurtful words from so called friends from the past niggling at my mind, from those who would celebrate each misplaced step I took and each fall to the dreary depths where I lay, and they would prod continually at the obstacle on the ground in front of them.  This was the past and we can no longer let the negative influences take over the enthusiasm and motivation that is driving us forward to the goal we have set for ourselves and our families.

Create your new life.

You have to start from somewhere.

To start anew.

A new start in life, Some say that it is not as easy as it looks. We make new choices every day of our lives and most of these choices you rely on your boss who we work for to make, and what he says, we do. That’s easy!.

The trouble is that he sets the rules and we say “Yes Boss”.  If you don’t agree with him you will most likely be fired from your job and then, where are you?  Out trying to find another job which leaves you in a position of having to take work that you probably told yourself in the past that you would never ever do , But you have been put in a situation and you have to pay a mortgage and a family to feed your starting to get behind.  You have been put in a spot and you have no choice.

Build a business of your own.

We all want a decent income that will keep our family comfortable in life,  So why don’t you make a change in your life right now.

I know you are sick and tired of the long hours working in a job that you hate, and maybe you have been putting work before family and it’s costing you dearly.  I know, I have been put in that position, working at a job that was dragging me down mentally as well as physically and the inevitable happened where my health took a dive.

It is amazing how making one important change in life can make so much difference to every other part of your life.   Income, Family, emotional health and happiness and freedom to make your own choices.

With Wealthy Affiliate your choices are immeasurable, You have everything at your fingertips, you can ask questions at any time 24/7, You can work on your training and study of WA at anytime also.  As they say don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Feed your inspiration.