My Wife and I Love Cruising.

Great Destinations

It wasn’t always that way,  

I had never been on a cruise of more than two hours in my life at all, if you can call a local ferry a cruise that is. We went on our first cruise for 35 days in 2013 around the pacific and Hawaii.

I could never handle traveling even in small boats, the instability did not set well with my stomach.

Changing one’s thoughts.
Before the cruise I decided to change my attitude to how I felt about cruising so I changed my whole beliefs about cruising. By the time of the cruise I walked on the ship feeling really great and looking forward to the weeks ahead.

 We  were on the ship for five days before we got to our first stop and the weather was fine and calm great for me to get used to the ship.  The whole cruise worked out to be amazing.

What will encourage you.
We have had three cruises since then but we are finding it a bit harder to finance the next one we want to do which at this time of COVID19 may be awhile off. This is one  of my big wants for the future encouraging me to make the effort  to build my own income online.

There are lots of things in our lives that will act as great encouragement to drive us to do more but for our  family and Cruising has  been a big one.

Yet we don’t have to look far back in time to remind us of the things gone bye, things  we could have gone ahead with if finances had not been a problem. House improvements, A more reliable car,  one  we could only  afford at the time.

At this time my wife and I  don’t have a home of our own and we are full time House sitters which we have been doing for the last six and a half years and with over 90 sits behind us. 

Build a business of your own.


What a change in this world at this time, So unexpected! Cruising has taken an extreme step backwards at this time along with a tumultuous world fighting back from this virus.
We still have to look forward to where we are heading and where we want ourselves to end up.

We still have our dreams and some of our goals may have changed but the important thing is the direction you want to head in. We still love cruising and in a couple of years we will I hope go cruising again.

What are your ambitions?

What are the things that will drive you to take the next step forward, to accomplish something that could get you the success.  That success that you may have been desperately seeking through many hard times, some things that would have been out of your financial reach in the past.

Decision time.
Now is the time to step out and make a decision that will make all these things you have only dreamed about in the past come to life. With Wealthy Affiliate you have everything you need to make things happen for you and your future right at your fingertips

Imagine the life ahead.

Imagination is one of our greatest gifts.

       Imagine the day when you have no income worries, you are making ten times more than you have ever made in a month before.   have no debt collectors at your door, and your in laws are wondering how you paid for your new BMW that you are driving.
  Regular family holidays your family enjoy and Your  home is your own and some of your income has been put into a number of different investments that are doing very well and are bringing in  more income  .  
The job you are presently doing  you  love and would not give it up even if you were making ten times more in other income sources than you are in your regular work.

Are you a positive thinker.

    Isn’t it amazing that we can think these things in our minds. This may not be your real life situation at this time.  You may have a very stormy marriage or you may be in a job that you only make a minimal wage and it does not keep you out of debt.

Always trying to manage your income and  always angry for not making the kind of income that the family needs to live on.


Imagination is an amazing thing, I gives us the  opportunity  to see what is possible at any given  time in the future.

One could see one self in either a positive or negative light and with a positive attitude which could lead you to say to yourself.

  “I can do it”, It is possible. “I will make it happen”.

 You may find that even though you have  very positive thoughts of where your  life is heading would not always mean that you would allow yourself to accept the fact that they are really possible for you.

What you imagine and what is possible are two different things, the difference is in your thoughts, beliefs, and your understanding of your own abilities which determine the directions that you may take.


Weather you are a very strong and positive person or someone who finds it hard to push ahead when things are not working in your favor.

The one thing that will move anyone foreword is to have the support of others who have already achieved what you are seeking.

Wealthy Affiliate, has an amazing support system which you can access at any stage along the journey to establishing your own online business.
I am talking from experience here like most others.

Imagine where you could be six or twelve months ahead from now.
You can actually think and dream of your success before it happens.

Make a change,

What are your reasons for wanting a better life?

We all have lots of reasons for wanting a better life,

In most cases those reasons are not brought out to the foreground to boost our motivation and encourage us to make the right moves to change one’s life.

We all want to improve things as we move along in life, Like constant change, we build  on our dreams  and some processes work and others fail.

We then look back at what might have caused the problems and we start to improve on them for the next time.

The same applies with our  income and assets, We start our working life wanting enough to pay our rent and weekly supplies and a few miner extras.

If our first income is only part time or low paid full time job then some might find it difficult to put sufficient money away to save for the things they really need.

They are most likely going to buy a second hand car fairly cheap if it’s really needed to save transport costs or walking distances.

We  may be able to hold off from splashing out on big items until they have saved enough to buy the item that they have had on their dream list and have a set time to save for it.

Through our lives we would like to be able to improve on our income and savings each year and even diversify by making incomes from a number of different sources.

Build a business of your own.

Buying a home in the majority of cases will mean taking out a home loan which can be one of our most expensive investments, hopefully we have at that stage the income to support it.

Financial freedom means the ability to finance anything you require to maintain a stable  family life and increase savings for anything that may come up along the way.

What are your reasons?