What am I going to do? I’m broke!

Our debts can drive us to push our boundaries.

Why wait till you are down and out and trying to scrape the dregs from the bottom of the barrel.  Raiding the spare coin jar to get enough to pay for some food for the family for dinner.  To put some fuel in the car to get you somewhere special,

Fighting that inevitable dreaded “always in debt” clause that comes in your presently set monthly salary.

Financial Reminders.

I can actually remember a day when this happened to me and how I felt about it at the time.  Saying to myself, why am I not doing better financially than I am.  why can’t I  improve my circumstances?  I should not have put myself in this situation.

Earn an income in your time.
Take the next step to financial freedom.

What is the answer to this question? We think about all those young people starting their first job with very low pay for only a few fill in hours per week, while in their last years of high school. Trying to save as much as they can to maintain a certain amount of independence.

Individual Support.

They should be given more opportunities to establish incomes or test their abilities to create their own while in these last few years of school.
Teach them to diversify and create income streams from a number of different platforms at the same time.

Taking the First Steps.

Leaving school and finding work has always been a difficult time for most and having a realistic income at that stage. Completely changing  young lives and helping to remove those burdens that are created by not having your own financial support system. If you teach a student over a few years ten different ways to successfully make an income for themselves.

Self improvement.
You can imagine how much more this would improve the opportunities of those in transition from school to life.